Making maps do more.

Truvian's map-centric approach to data management lets you create, visualize, and manage all of your information in the simplest way possible.


Truvian Labs has joined forces with technology company Lightship Works. Lightship is a rapidly growing company that enhances worksite safety and efficiency by enabling resource tracking (assets and personnel), check-ins, communication, and automated emergency response. Combined we are able to offer full GIS data visualization, reporting and analytics, data capture, operational tracking, communication, and automation capabilities.


Data management simplified. 

Truvian helps you work effectively with highly detailed data. Our intuitive map interface helps you see the big picture, but also supports storage and retrieval of the smallest detail. Best of all – it is simple enough that everyone can use it.





View your data, ask questions, and get answers.

Effortlessly view all of your data using Truvian Maps. Immediately see geographically relevant considerations and use powerful custom reports to query and summarize based on location and/or any detail in your data.

Collect & record

Capture current information quickly on any device. 

Record data in the field with Truvian Live using simple, streamlined forms that can be created and customized in seconds. Capture locations, photos, and files, or link to existing assets for monitoring, inspections, and maintenance.

Organize & manage

Use your map to organize documents, events and tasks. 

Maps are a fantastic filing system, as they naturally organize information based on geographic relevance, making it easy to find what you need. With Truvian Projects, you can track events, documents, and correspondence as well as assign tasks to individual locations or groups of geographic features.


Flexible solutions for any organization.

$200 – $950 per month*

 *Exact price will depend on options & discounts. Our price reflects total cost of ownership. We do not charge a setup fee.
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Enterprise and group plans

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