Maps that answer questions.

Truvian maps is more than just a mapping application, it gives you the power to ask and answer questions, collect data, visualize trends, and effectively communicate and collaborate with others.


Track and visualize your infrastructure, access as-built drawings in the field, generate summaries in support of capital asset reporting, collect data with mobile forms, and increase the number of people that effectively work with GIS data and drawings.


Emergency Response

Improve your situational awareness by using whatever devices are available (BYOD) to capture incident data and immediately share it with other responders and agencies in an easy, efficient, and structured manner.  Better yet, leverage tools that are already used in daily business to respond to emergencies, thereby eliminating the need for specialized training and dedicated, but rarely used software.


First Nations

Proactively manage the resources in your territory by making informed, consistent decisions that consider cumulative effects. Support knowledge transfer between staff and future generations and collaborate on the cultural, economic, and social impacts to your community resulting from various developments.


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