Maps that answer questions.

Truvian maps is more than just a mapping application, it gives you the power to ask and answer questions, collect data, visualize trends, and effectively communicate and collaborate with others.


Track and visualize infrastructure, streamline data collection, simplify asset management, and increase public engagement with Truvian’s intuitive web GIS and asset tracking software.

  • asset management and history
  • public engagement
  • mobile data collection


Emergency Management

Intuitive emergency management software to improve situational awareness and track event timelines. Mobile data collection provides high-quality data to decision-makers in real-time.

  • rapid damage assessment forms
  • real-time situational awareness
  • BYOD mobile data collection


First Nations

Organize lands and referrals processes, track asset and infrastructure data, store housing records, and encourage public engagement.

  • workflow and task assignment
  • land management
  • referral tracking software


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