You have full control

Anyone in your organization can use Truvian to work with your map data.

Users you designate can add new data or update existing data at any time. Using your library of layers, you can quickly drag a selection of layers into a map, giving you a finished, shareable webmap in less than a minute.

Interactive Reports
Interactive Reports

Creating custom maps is the best way to illustrate geographic data and assets, allowing anyone to see patterns and trends. But what if you need more detail, or a specific answer from your data set?

Truvian allows you to create custom, interactive reports, that will let users query and summarize your data. Any question that can be answered with your data’s attributes or position can be answered with a report.

When a report is run, users can set personalized criteria, including a geographic area of interest, to refine the result. Your reports can be saved, to be reused by anyone that has similar question.

Using ReportsWatch Reports Video

It works everywhere

You can access your Truvian site from anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s all of your geographic information at your fingertips all of the time.

Mobility plus: when you print a map with Truvian, the pdf is geo-referenced. This allows you to see your position on the map, in the context of your data, even in locations without cell service.

cloud storage
Premium cloud storage

Our data network operates in OpenStack and VMWare high-availability clouds across four Canadian data centres. We use redundant 10Gbit fibre links and triple redundant Cisco and Juniper switching for the ultimate in network redundancy.

Through our partners, we can provide direct access to our cores with MPLS fibre connections, allowing you to access and transfer data as quickly as you would on-site.

Total cost of ownership

The last thing you need is a toolset that still requires costly consulting support or additional software licensing for updates or changes. Truvian has the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise mapping solution – one simple monthly fee – no maintenance fees, no expensive updates and no hidden infrastructure / staffing requirements.

Total cost of ownership for Truvian is up to 90% less than our competitors.